Tuesday, January 17, 2006

oh no! the Tangst wikipedia entry is up for deletion! we mustn't let this happen!

03:13:18 PM


龙年 said...

The wiki must not die! Haha...

In all seriousness though, if you're interested in discussing the deletion on Wikipedia, go to the Wikipedia Tangst Deletion Discussion, click "edit this page," and leave a note telling why you think Tangst shouldn't be deleted.

If you do decide to write something on the deletion page, follow the established format of previous posters, please. Also, at the end of your comment, type ~~~~ so that it will sign your IP address to it and make it more credible.

Keep it rational though guys. Don't just say "because we rock" ;-)

TintedFragipan said...

I'm intimidated by the army of wikinerds. There is nothing I can do.

TintedFragipan said...

Also, as far as I can see, per these criteria we don't really belong on wiki anyway. Am I wrong?

龙年 said...

First, a brief summary:

Per the WP:WEB guidelines referenced above by fragi, we don't fit the definition of a 'legit' Wikipedia entry.

Perhaps this is correct. Maybe, since we're not published in the press and don't advertise our souls away, we don't deserve to have an article in Wikipedia.

Its neat to have the article discussing our history ind depth, but if we're not 'legit,' maybe its not worth it to have an article with Wikipedia.

That's not to say the article itself is a bad idea. We ought to have something like that to explain who we are and what Tangst is. Its just more friendly to users that way.

It would be easy to make a Blogger site to render the same information as the Wiki article, maybe something like abouttangst.blogspot.com.

Any thoughts?

sithgirl said...

Hmm, I could just convert the tangst blog. Instead of being just for me, we could put all the admins in charge of that and use it as a way for everyone to discuss all the technical aspects of the site instead of doing it as posts on here.

Basically, we really aren't legit. But it was nice while it lasted. I should get a couple of screenshots before they take it down :D

龙年 said...

Yes, screenshots would be awesome. A few large, high-res shots would be a very fitting way to memorialize our day on Wiki. Just make sure you take them of the most recent revision that doesn't have the deletion notice ;-)

That's an interesting idea for the Tangst blog. If you were to consider making other people admins for it, I could help convert that site to additionally house pages that replicate the contents of the Wikipedia article.

The idea of shifting the Tangst blog to be the discussion point of technical information and site updates is a good one. That'd keep things, like this discussion, separate from the real tangsting :-)

TintedFragipan said...

Yay! This is like the birth of a beautiful child. I'm tearing up. She shall be called "Tangst" and may she always be the belle of the ball.


sithgirl said...

Yeah, I think I'll start working on it now.

It makes me so much happier than studying for Enviro.


Anonymous said...

I got a couple of screenshots for you. I can email them to whoever wants them.

PChis said...

"I think we can all agree that deleting tangst would be, to quote Oscar Wilde "gay as fuck." Also, i have it on good authority that Bush is a frequent contributor (username: rootinshootintexan)"

Hmm, someone is defending us with some vulgarity. Probably Wade.