Friday, September 30, 2005

I need to get a life.

2:33:36 AM

Thursday, September 29, 2005

My pet died a few months ago, and I'm still not over it. I cry about it sometimes. And it makes me afraid that if I ever lost a human member of my family, I would never be able to get over it. I feel weak-minded and inferior.

3:54 PM

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

ever since i saw the ring i can make myself believe anything is true. i take a straightup random unreal fact that could never happen and convince myself it can and freak myself out.

i cant stop it.

09:20:15 PM

i still hook up with my ex sometimes. i act like it doesn't mean anything.

inside my heart is breaking.

5:45 PM

Monday, September 26, 2005

It seems to me that you dislike me in some ways but I have all intentions of getting to know you because I find you a very awesome person.

09:29:33 PM

I loathe my body sometimes. I feel like it fails me.

09:09:33 PM

Sunday, September 25, 2005

When I talk to people I see ways of killing or seriously injuring them, same as when I'm driving down the road I have sudden urges to swerve into oncoming traffic. I won't see a psychiatrist because I'm afraid it would ruin my chances to be a doctor.

10:41:55 PM

i dated this guy who didn't care a thing about me. while i was absorbed in him i wouldnt want to talk to anyone else but him.

i wasted 7 months of my life with him.


My greatest fear is letting others down, and I know I always do it.

12:01:29 AM

Saturday, September 24, 2005

I want to be the number two on your list of ten people...

10:35:22 PM

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

i sometimes wonder what it would be like to be a girl

09:09:17 PM

Monday, September 19, 2005

I feel semi-obligated to post these now. I've been battling myself all night over whether I should or not. But I can't sleep so I'm guessing my conscience is saying "Yes, do it."

Various Abuse Resouces:

National Domestic Abuse Hotline (teen page)

See It and Stop It! (Teen Action Campaign)

Scarleteen (Crisis Hotline)

Stop the violence. Love doesn't come with qualifiers.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

i loved him. he hit me. hes with another girl. and i worry about her. i still love him. and i do get jealous. even though im with someone else too.

08:56:22 PM

I might as well start this off right

I never know what to say in online circumstances.

Now no one knows how it happened... but one day there was a little kid named ... well... never mind. There was a little kid, nevertheless. And he figured out that though he was one of the funniest people ever... s just don't like funny guys. They like hottt(t x 10^6) ones. But this wasn't such an unwelcome opposition to the little boy's plans... mostly because he didn't quite understand the ramifications. I mean this is only third grade we're talking about. The word hott hadn't even been invented yet.

Skip forward a couple years.

Now everything has been made clear, and someday i'll find out what those s really want. But it's obviously nothing I have at this marketplace to sell. But the commodities market changes fairly quickly... if i sell this stock before it crashes maybe I'll make something of a profit.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


My English essay is going to kill me. I swear it.

Shoot, I used the word "is". I really am going to die from this.

And now I've used another verb of being. Kill me. Kill me now.

Heather, I just wanted to tell you that I think you are pretty much a genius/extremely cool person for creating this blog. I don't feel like I have to do this anonymously. Anyway, kudos kudos kudos. IM me sometime.

Annie Lane
09:50:48 PM

I always considered myself a strong, independent female, but now all I want is a serious, loving boyfriend. I'm afraid I'll be like this forever.

06:55:37 PM


this is way too cool.

03:38:57 PM


In the continuing PostSecret spirit, and at the suggestion of one of the commentators, I welcome you to Teen Angst Central.

Instead of continually having to update the date on that one post in my blog, I've decided that creating another one of these blogs is easier, and probably a lot better.

This place has the same premise as the one post, only here, you have the ability to write more than just a little comment and you won't have to worry about "starting a chat room." You can just continually post new comments to things you think are provocative or theories that should be revised.

Those of you who know me know how high my tolerance level is for anything. No comment will be deleted unless it is one of those ad things because I hate those and they ruin the spirit of what we're trying to do.

If you'd like to be a member of this blog, send me an e-mail ( and I'll add you to the members list so you can actually post instead of just making comments. I don't need your name, whether you know me or not, where you're from, your ideas, or anything like that. I just need an e-mail address. I'm going to be incredibly trusting about it. Just know that I save and have backups of everything.

Over the next couple of days or so, I'll be copying the comments from The Idiosyncratic post to here.

So here is the important text of that post that started everything for us:

Post anything that you want in comments, and post it anonymously. A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love - anything. Including what you think of me.

Be sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post twice if you'd like. Then put this in your blog, profile, LJ, etc. to see what your friends (and perhaps others) have to say.

In addition to this, I'll be accepting comments/posts in the form of e-mails now. I think it's worth the extra bit of work. Tell your friends about it if you want. They might like the little catharsis feeling too.

The most important thing is to remember that this is about all of you. I am simply the vessel through which your statements are made. It's not at all about me. I'm about the least important thing in this. It's all about you.

So go for it already.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Thus it was commented...

And so it was.

Thank you for the anonymous capabilities. This should now be known as Teenage Angst Central.

11:08:05 PM

Asymptote... so your life keeps getting closer and closer but never quite reaches it?

Oh, I guess I should say something rather than turn it into a chat room.

Pity chances aren't good, so if someone has the guts to come out and say that they like someone else, they should at least get a truthful answer.

Maybe it's just some weird thing I have about getting over people, but somhow this seems like the best way to deal with things to me.

08:49:41 PM

Sometimes, I wonder if my life is like an asymptote for sex. So...things happen. Things I dare not speak of.

08:00:33 PM

I told him I was over him. I lied. He's with someone else now, and while part of me is so happy for him, the other parts want him to be lonely and miserable, just like me.

06:54:05 PM

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Right now, I'd about kill for a pity chance. Because at least I'd get the hurt over and done with. This thing is too distracting and occupies too much space in my head. I need to focus and can't. I need this to be finished in some way.

10:49:54 PM

But in reality, not all guys or girls will feel the same way when you come out and tell them you like them.

Somtimes, they even feel sorry for honestly not liking you and then they finally give you a pity chance. And in the end, it hurts either way when you find out the truth.

09:18:32 PM

I wish people would just come out and tell you if they like you. I guess that's kind of a two way street, but I really hate how guys are expected to make the move. I know people say we're moving forward in society and it's 'okay' for girls to make moves, but it doesn't really seem that way.

08:46:02 PM

if it's all just about a high, then what's the point of it.... what makes relationships such a big deal?

07:50:17 PM

why does age make you more capable of feeling romantic love? many people who are grown have the same insecurities, failure to commit, and sexual immaturity. it's not about making a relationship last. sometimes it's just about a high.

06:53:16 PM

sometimes i wonder why ppl (me included) try and obsess so much about being in a relationship.... i mean how many serious, long lasting relationships really last in high school, are ppl our age even capable of truly feeling what love is?

06:03:47 PM

I wish he would just make a real move instead of leading me on. All we do is mess around. There was a time when we could have had a normal relationship, but now all the excitement is gone--and we never really even dated. Now I just kind of tell him I like him because I wanna make out with someone. And I hate myself for being that shallow.

05:58:12 PM

He went away this summer and hooked up with another girl. He's been one of my best friends for years, but I saw pictures of her. And I wanted to be her.

05:45:59 PM

Sunday, September 11, 2005

I'm tired of people not believing in themselves.

Cajun Explosion
10:51:33 PM

Sometimes I feel like I can't decide which girl I like, and it seems all of them are like apples and oranges, and I'll take the first one the supermarket has in stock.

09:11:42 PM

He acts like I don't even exist while my heart has been breaking into a million pieces. Does he know how that feels when that is done over and over again?

No, because his heart has been set on another girl... not me.

08:18:47 PM

I have found the gay version of me. It's quite fascinating.

03:56:46 PM

There are three people that can make me cry. One by completely ignoring me, one through complete inaction, and one by yelling when he's completely pissed off. And all three are so very much like each other. And I love them all unconditionally. Yet they're the only ones who can make me feel like complete shit.

12:56:54 AM

I hate the fact that whenever my parents yell at me, I feel like I'm three years old again and completely stupid. I have no idea what to say when they rant and rave and then yell a question. I feel like I haven't accomplished anything or changed at all.

12:43:21 AM

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Oh Heather, you are so cute.

09:04:50 PM

i put on pantyhose once.... and now i kinda wanna try it on again... even tho i'm a guy

07:14:29 PM

i really can't take high school... it's seperated me from most people. I've barely made any news friends that i didn't have in middle school.... and start to feel alienated by old ones sometimes..... there's also ppl that i just would die to see, but it doesn't happen

07:13:32 PM

Oh, and this is the same person as above.

It sounds mean to say you have apathetic facial expressions. I mean it as a compliment. It gives you more character :D

06:26:56 PM

Well, I'm gayer than a day in Paris, to be frank, which is becoming less and less of a secret. It's not really that hard to figure out anyway.

Also, about you, I think you're nice and dryly humorous even though I just really have gotten to know you. I like the apathy of your facial expressions, but then, I feel like you have an apathetic face.

06:24:08 PM

I'm in love with my best friend, and I hope she never knows.

Cajun Explosion
05:57:59 PM

I miss the way thins used to be. He's changed so much and I feel so stagnant. I miss our conversations and want more than the polite "Hello" I get when we walk past one another. I miss hearing him laugh. I guess I just really miss him.

02:33:06 PM

I really don't like anonymous comments. They don't leave any sense of catharsis or whatnot because no one knows. All they leave me is this nagging voice in my head saying "who?"

10:09:07 AM

I hope that nobody ever finds out about what I'm like when they aren't around. Really it's just one person.

09:43:22 AM

I think that wall between me and him is cracking bit by bit... and I'm scared of what happens if it does or does not fall down.

09:40:02 AM

Friday, September 09, 2005

I compulsively lie about things that don't matter.

10:28:05 PM

I've always wondered if anyone else has entire pretend conversations with other people (that actually exist) in their heads.

10:26:52 PM

My life has quirky characters, paced scenes, and plot. I wonder sometimes if everyone's is like this, or if I'm just different, or if it's because I'm a writer.

05:44:44 PM