Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

sometimes i hate all my friends. and then i just want to run away and leave for a while.

01:26:00 AM

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I have been in limerence over one person or another for almost eight years straight. I've managed to keep it mostly under wraps, with exceptions regarding the close friends in whom I confide. But recently I've found myself dropping thinly-veiled (or not veiled at all) hints among everyone -- friends, acquaintances, even some strangers. Like Patrick Bateman, I feel my "mask of sanity" slipping. I hope that expressing my troubles here will help channel my frustration away from the areas of my life where it could irreparably damage my interpersonal relationships.

Being a limerent hurts. So much so, that any attempt to explain it is nearly futile -- especially for someone with my limited literary abilities. I shall thus resort to expletives in an attempt to get my point across, to vent:

Limerence sucks. It hurts so GODDAMN much, especially on Christmas -- and ESPECIALLY when I realize how illogical, pathetic, and downright stupid this whole thing is. I can tell how happy they are together and that there's no way in HELL things could work out the way I think I want them to. And I DON'T WANT MY HAPPINESS TO BE DEPENDENT UPON ANOTHER PERSON. I'm ashamed at my lack of self-control.

I just want this whole mess to end. I want to GROW THE FUCK UP and to move on with my life.

03:06:00 PM

Thursday, December 16, 2010

There are guys I don't know, just boys I've seen and in my head I see them as special. They have strange twists, small parts of them I want to know and get to understand. I don't love them, I just want to be close to them. Is that wrong when I'm in a relationship?

06:58:00 AM

Friday, September 24, 2010

dear tangst,
good bye.
i'm no longer a teen (or i wont be by the time this is posted) and for the first time ever my life isn't angsty.
thanks for everything.

05:32:00 AM

I'm spending the night at my boyfriend's in a few days. It's my first time. Advice?

02:12:00 PM

can someone just shut this website down? its too pitiful to come here and see comments that havent been posted in almost 6 weeks and counting. by the time theyre posted i'm sure the poster has probably either solved their problem or forgotten they even posted it here.

11:23:00 PM

im racking my brain for the right words to express myself but here i find myself lost in thought scrambling to tell you or anyone how i feel, whats hurting me so deeply but my thoughts are not something i can easily tame when it comes to expressing myself these thoughts rarely leave my head their on the tip of my tounge but refuse to spill out of my lips. im giving this my best shot really i am, please say someone can relate to this feeling.. it seems nearly human instinct to seek out love but what if i dont want to seek it, will it find me?. ive come to accept that im not the kind of girl guys date or so it seems.. its not that i have trouble finding guys that find me attractive the problem is guys think im fun to flirt with, fun to get drunk with, and great to hook up with but when it comes to something more stable the crowd disappears and i find myself alone.

02:25:00 AM

how do you decide if it is time to break up with someone? Its not love but perhaps its better than being alone... but then maybe there is something better waiting for me...

01:15:00 AM

Thursday, June 03, 2010

I am stressed out of my mind. But I can't talk to anyone about it. And I don't know how to handle it. I just want to cry.

05:22:00 PM

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My name is Anna. I still post here even though I'm semantically (almost!) not suited for "tangst" anymore. It's a part of my history and it will never leave me but for now I am done with it and I feel that as I leave my identity should be revealed (or at least just my first name.) This group helped me get through my first love and it helped me get through my latest. I'm a sophomore in college and my first post on this site was published my sophomore year in high school. I had many posts on the popular list and many posts with comments that helped me through trying times at Enloe. I was a part of Tangst history (literally, I was a part of the phase of the "I Love You (name)" phase of Tangst, okay maybe that gives away my identity but I don't care). I loved you tangst and it's a weird goodbye but it has to be said. I've outgrown you and it hurts but I'm a big girl now. I will never forget you. Thank you for all of your care, support and help.

02:59:00 AM

Fuccck prom

12:01:00 AM

I like my best friend's brother a lot. He can't stop making fun of me and I can't stop thinking about him.

03:23:00 PM

Sometimes, I get so scared, I can't breathe. I inhale but nothing seems to go in so I gasp & gasp until bright spots appear infront of my eyes. Then everything comes into focus for a second. The lights are brighter, colors more vivid, the sound of my own small gasps more profound. I crave those solitary moments, the ones that show me how the world can look.

02:53:00 AM

I'm listening to the arcade fire again and suddenly I can't help but miss you. It reminds me of those cold dark nights when I sat alone in my car crying because I was left by a girl that I adored. My current girlfriend can't possibly compare. But now you're happy with some other guy.

I don't know, I guess I always assumed that, even though you're going to school halfway across the country we would somehow end up together. Fuck it. Blowjobs and an easy girlfriend aren't nearly as fulfilling as love. I miss you. And I doubt you ever think of me.

03:19:00 AM

Why do I always end up dating guys whose parents are divorced? It never ends well!

11:32:00 AM