Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Josh, please stop killing yourself. You're better and smarter than that. I miss who you were and you're scaring me.

12:46:00 PM

I smoke weed every once in a while. Not nearly every day or even every week. When I feel like I want some I buy some, maybe once every two or three weeks if even. One of my friends completely freaked out on me because of it and started citing health problems and how I'm going to fail out of college because of my "habit." This post is dedicated to all of you overprotective and wayyy too sheltered friends out there: fuck off. I'm not going to fail, I'm not going to die, and I'm not going to go crazy. It's just weed. If you don't want to be around me when I smoke it I completely understand 100% but that doesn't change the person I am when I'm sober so shut the fuck up.

08:13:00 PM

take leaps of faith it is worth it ten fold.

01:03:00 PM

Im so happy , I feel better than I have in a long time, I dont care about eloquence or style I just want to cry out to the world my joy.

09:06:00 AM

Thursday, July 24, 2008

if you just completed your first year of college and your a guy can you date a girl who is just coming into college?

If two people go on a date that might or might not be a date should they guy still pay, should a guy usually pay?

If a girl has got a crush on another guy but seems interested in you how could you tell if shes just friendly or if there is more?

I feel embarrassed just asking these questions but They are occupying the back of my mind and stuck in my head like sand in a oyster. Ive come across most of the questions/ situations before but this time it just feels different, its something I really don't want to mess up.

05:41:00 PM

Sunday, July 20, 2008

damn. I was sort of hoping we'd go a whole month without a post.

I've said this before....Tangst is dead.

01:01:00 PM

god I cant stop thinking about her and it terrifies me. She scares me and excites me more than anything Ive every encountered. I only hope I'm brave enough.

12:59:00 PM

holy shit I just figured out how sex is supposed to work and it is AWESOME now!

that's all.

12:45 AM

I got my AP score! 4 in English IV :D

08:02:00 PM

...I hate to be the one to ask, but what the heck.

AP scores, anyone?

07:45:00 AM

i've been waiting for a long time for my post to get up so i can read comments on it. i guess the admins are all on vacation.

which means i guess most everyone else is too. no comments for me.

11:47:00 PM

I give my boyfriend oral because I'm afraid to have my REAL virginity gone forever, even though I know we love each other.

It is NOT that much fun to give, and I don't get the same kind of pleasure that he does in return. I really wish I was ready for sex.

01:27:00 AM

My summer self seems to be so different than my school self. I seem to get stupider in the summer, it's probably just the idiots that I hang out with, though.

08:32:00 PM

remember the boat times?

08:25:00 PM

wow its been forever since i've been here. just reading up, and here's a recap.

hair: i got really hairy nipples. dark ones. i pluck, but its probably ab 15/nip. and i gotta pluck the happy trail. also gotta shave my legs every other day. yup, that hairy for a girl.

sex: i was gonna save myself for marrage, but then i dated a guy for a while who loved me and we did it. he loved me but i pretended i loved him. never did. never will, and i dont even feel bad ab it, though ive been broken so many times. he still loves me. i've moved on and i'm dating guy. feel like i totally wasted the sex.
at least it was fun.

porn: i swear i'm the only girl who ever watched porn. i was addicted for a while. i've only been clean for 2 weeks and thats pretty darn good for me.

work: my job is one of those good experience jobs, but it sucks. i hate all the stupid office work. sometimes i pass off work to the guys who are older bc they're gentlemen and take it.

thats good for now.

11:59:00 PM

Power naps at work are the best...right up there with visiting tangst on the job.

02:14:00 PM