Sunday, July 20, 2008

I give my boyfriend oral because I'm afraid to have my REAL virginity gone forever, even though I know we love each other.

It is NOT that much fun to give, and I don't get the same kind of pleasure that he does in return. I really wish I was ready for sex.

01:27:00 AM


Anonymous said...

this is not something to rush. take your time.

Anonymous said...

Intercourse is a scary thing. If you and your boyfriend want to start out slow with oral sex, then that's smart-- just be sure that you're both STD-free or you're using condoms and such.

Also, if you're giving him blowjobs, he should be giving you some oral gratification or finger-clit action in return. If you work with him to feel more comfortable receiving sexual pleasure, actual sex will be a lot less scary when you both decide you're ready. The first time usually does hurt, but most of the hurt comes from fear, tension, and lack of sexual arousal on the girl's part instead of the actual hymen breaking. Finding ways to be comfortably sexual with one another before the big plunge will help with all of those problems. Just be sure he's repaying your favors!