Sunday, July 20, 2008

Power naps at work are the best...right up there with visiting tangst on the job.

02:14:00 PM


Anonymous said...

i like minesweeper at work. personal bests:
beginner: 6
intermed: 48
expert: i dont remember...

Anonymous said...

What if your job actually were to find and remove land mines, and you were slacking off on the job by playing Minesweeper? Could you defend it as legitimate job training?

Anonymous said...

^ No, because the icons used in Windows Minesweeper are most reminiscient of *sea* mines rather than land mines.

That "job training" would get you transferred to a small boat in the middle of a big sea.


Anonymous said...

haha okay so i was the one that posted the times earlier...but have yall seen this?