Sunday, June 29, 2008

Food for worms

Begin emotion defragmentation subroutine
Definition: A Body without a Soul.
Definition: A Soul without a Body.

We need both, in short.

10%... Make my day
You do it without trying
I am sensitive to your words
Your touch
Your breath.
Definition: It keeps you alive. See also: love

20%... Feel something
This is not a suggestion.
Every day I remind myself
Every time you miss something
An angel gets its wings.
Definition: This will wreck your world. See also: Hate, Lust, Fate, Trust, Fake, Dust.

30%... God
Talk to him
He will not listen
Talk to yourself
You will not listen either
35%... (No one is coming to your rescue.)
Definition: Insanity, pretty packaging. Used in a sentence: My faith is of the slave’s towards the slave master. I know when he will beat me. I know what he wants from me. I know how he feels about me. I trust that he will remain inconsistent, brutish, short-tempered, violent. I trust that He will remain inconsistent, brutish, short-tempered, wrathful.
Definition: You’ll know it when you feel it.

40%... Despair
Please try to keep your feet clean.
The mat of human emotion. Wipe them down.
When you focus on one thing you might not succumb.

50%... Alone
I am never alone.
Eyes watch me through crevices.
Cracked blinds and huge bay windows.
Standing outside and waiting for me to join them.
I watch myself and feel the eyes from the future.
When I look back on my actions what will I see?
A story: When I was younger I would sit in my room and feel someone watching me from the ceiling. I have come back to that memory countless times from the viewpoint of the watcher. I am the watcher.
Definition: If you pay too much you might go broke. If you go broke you might do something crazy. Pay attention to that too. See also: Despair.

60%... Art
Make it when you feel it bubbling out of you.
I look in the mirror and see it spilling out of me.
I can feel it in the hands that clutch at me. See also: Corpse.
Don’t wait too long: the willow bends but the oak breaks under the strain.

70%... Love, redux
Every time I hear love described as a hurricane,
I can feel it welling up in me.
The violent eye wall tearing out of me something necessary to survival. See also: Ghost
Definition: You need this more than anything. See also: Money, Pain, Loss, Gain, Blood, Stain.
Definition: “A hundred miles of pounding rain.”

80%... History
Don’t let it define your future.
We aren’t trapped in a glass box called Earth.
We aren’t polluting your water.
We aren’t stuck in these bodies.
We aren’t lost and searching.
We aren’t breaking down now.
Error: stop.
It sucks.
Solution 1: Deal with it. Find a way to make your future bright.
See also: Ghost (A Soul without a Body.)
Solution 2: Let it consume you. The devil is hungry.
See also: Corpse (A Body without a Soul.)

90%... Emotion
Defragmentation almost complete.
Commence Erasure.
Let’s not be sentimental.
What did it ever do for you?
That sick feeling in the pit of your stomach? That’s reality.
Look at the most beautiful girl in the world.
Vapid and vacant: eyes like a cow facing the hammer.
Watch out for the pitfalls. See also: Faith, God, Love, Summer, History, Happiness, Despair.

100%... Healthy
You will feel better.
We have precisely tuned you.
We have stripped away what makes you incomplete.
Now, shattered and broken, we urge you: “Go forth into the world… something about Jesus.”
See also: Love, Faith, Despair, Corpse, 3 Days, Breath
Moreover, you will love freely.
Zeros, zeros are nothing.
1000% better. More effective at the things you need the most.

Talk, you zombie. Feel, you ghast. The best feeling in the world cannot match this. See also: Pressed, Against, The, One, You, Love
Definition: Worth it every time. See also: Pain, Discomfort, Awkward, Final, Despair, Faith.
Definition: Not possible. See also: Pain, Discomfort, Awkward, Final, Despair, Lonely.

Nothing changes unless you change it.
Definition: A Body without a Soul.
Definition: I want to find you.
Definition: A Soul without a Body.
Definition: I know you’re out there.


Dr. A said...

tl dr

Anonymous said...

Oh, you read qwantz too?

Anonymous said...

wtf? no, seriously, wtf? can someone explain what this person is referring to? or is this just drabbles of someone trying to be creative...

Dr. A said...

Drabbles of someone trying to be creative. I hear the guy who wrote it is kind of a d also.

Dr. A said...

Actually though it's more about my personal history and about feeling lonely and like the world doesn't care for you anymore. And also comes from contemplating big issues.

I think that comes across, although maybe not as much for you personally.

P.S. Don't know what the qwantz comment means.