Sunday, June 01, 2008

I got a chinese symbol tatooed on each of my wrists. The swirls line up along my scars perfectly. Now no one will ask me about them again.

05:26:00 PM


Anonymous said...

Chinese tattoo? way to be unique.

Hannah said...

I really hope you know what the text means. Scars or not, it is fair game to laugh at people who get nonsensical characters emblazoned on themselves.

Original poster said...

they mean fire and water. god.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you mean 火 and 水, respectively.

Otherwise you'll look like a fool if somebody knows what the symbols on your arms really mean.

Anonymous said...

yup that's my plan (to get tattoos to cover up scars)

op said...

No I really mean...:

Left arm: Fire
Right arm: Water