Tuesday, June 03, 2008

my boss never went to college. and everytime I ask her about where she went to college or what her major was, she changes the subject.

01:52:00 PM


PChis said...

Maybe she's embarrassed, or maybe there's bad history there. Why would you ask her about college if you know she hasn't gone?

Anonymous said...

You should watch the episode of the office with her where Michael goes to the job fair and Darrel asks him where he went to college. Then right at that moment you should ask her where she went to college. If she changes the subject, rewind and say you missed what happened because you were talking, and when the scene comes up, ask her, "sorry where did you say you went to college again".

Anonymous said...

If you know she hasn't gone to college, maybe you should leave her alone and stop asking questions to which you already know the answer. Clearly, she doesn't want to talk about it.

龙年 said...

My boss went to a very small, obscure liberal arts college in western NC and majored in theatre with a minor in music performance. He is now the senior manager of a large technology division in a major software development company.

He loves talking about different parts of his life, but the only time he's talked about his college was during a discussion about the theatre experiences he and I share. As a tech professional, he is not proud of his college experience, and finds it completely irrelevant to the later half of his life. As a person, he considers it a fun and rewarding paragraph in a chapter of his life that is long since closed.

Perhaps your boss had her reasons for not going to college. Maybe it wasn't relevant then, but it would be relevant now. Maybe she regrets that choice.

Each to their own. Don't push.