Sunday, July 20, 2008

wow its been forever since i've been here. just reading up, and here's a recap.

hair: i got really hairy nipples. dark ones. i pluck, but its probably ab 15/nip. and i gotta pluck the happy trail. also gotta shave my legs every other day. yup, that hairy for a girl.

sex: i was gonna save myself for marrage, but then i dated a guy for a while who loved me and we did it. he loved me but i pretended i loved him. never did. never will, and i dont even feel bad ab it, though ive been broken so many times. he still loves me. i've moved on and i'm dating guy. feel like i totally wasted the sex.
at least it was fun.

porn: i swear i'm the only girl who ever watched porn. i was addicted for a while. i've only been clean for 2 weeks and thats pretty darn good for me.

work: my job is one of those good experience jobs, but it sucks. i hate all the stupid office work. sometimes i pass off work to the guys who are older bc they're gentlemen and take it.

thats good for now.

11:59:00 PM


Anonymous said...

body hair ftw. everybody's got it. join the club.

sex rocks. go for it. no regrets.

you aren't the only girl who watches porn. my friends that do are low-key about it though. for some reason, it's not seen as proper for girls to watch porn.

experience is a two-way street. you don't get it without paying your dues. gentlemen are the best, though.

good luck! enjoy the rest of summer.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so you might be the only girl who watches made-for-guys porn videos, but there isn't a girl on this planet who has an internet connection and hasn't read some erotica or drooled over pervy fanart. Girls can get very sexy on the internet, just not usually in the same ways or places that guys do.

Anonymous said...

wow, it's good to know I'm not the only girl who gets hair on her nipples. but I mean it makes sense. you get pubes everywhere else so why not there?

and same with porn.
I swear I thought be and my BFF were the only girls who watched porn(and talked about it openly), especially in my town where most of the girls care so much about what's considered "acceptable" by other people that they would never watch porn and talk about it.

girls get horny too and need some satisfaction.
what can I say.

it's a stupid double standard.