Friday, June 16, 2006

My mom told me yesterday that she had an eating disorder in college. I now understand how she saw through my excuses and attempts to cover my own.

Maybe brokenness runs in my family?
Or my lack thereof.

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Anonymous said...

yea i bet its the way you family raises the kids not genetic. you have a problem cause you mom raises you like her mom raised her and accidently passes it down.

Anonymous said...

(^Capitalization and grammar are good. Try them. You might like it.)

I really don't think you literally technically teach you child to be anorexic or bulemic ("And if you throw up into the toilet Suzie, cleanup's a breeze!"), but I'm sure there is some correlation both socially and genetically. If the mother was more insecure about her body she passes that personality trait down genetically and is also more likely to criticize her duaghter's physical appearance becasue that's how her mother treated her.

It's really sad when you are right there watching a bad parent screw up their kids. The best we can do is try to learn from adults and not repeat the mistakes of the past.

thewordofrashi said...

You might want to try learning how to type.


Seriously, though. Don't knock Anonymous 1. You would have to be a non-native speaker to not understand what he/she was trying to say.

Anonymous said...

im getting kind of sick of people going out of there way to correct post when they are simply typos.

Anonymous said...

^ He wasn't correcting the post, only the first comment.

Anonymous said...

yes well correcting the comments is annoying too.

Anonymous said...

Back on topic, it'll be okay. The majority of my mother's side of the family are currently alchoholics. It doesn't mean you will have to have an eating disorder. But you will have to work harder than everyone else to keep from having one.

Barry Bonds said...

my last g'friend had/has an eating disorder. i tried to get her to stop, but she wouldn't/couldn't. who knows. she was/is a confused individual. honestly though, from what i saw, it was less of a 'i want/need to be skinny' thing, and more of an 'im in control and there's nothing you can do about it' thing.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Barry. You don't understand it until you've been there, but it's not really about weight. Maybe it starts that way for some people (it sort of did for me), but in the end, it's always about the same things: control and perfection.

You will never be good enough, skinny enough, or perfect enough. But at least you can control how close you get.