Monday, June 12, 2006

even a simple hello from you can make me smile for the rest of the day.

feeling really upset now cause i didnt make it into the annual dance event.i tried really hard and i had less practices than others.who were you to judge me! i really want to be in the much as i want to,i cant.
feel like a total failure right now.

i guess a part of growing is learning to cope with failures and all the ups&downs in life.

somehow i wish to dance in the event,i want you to be proud of me.

05:26:56 AM


Anonymous said...

i'd like the ability to take ANY amount of ANY alcoholic drink or ANY amount of ANY drug without ANY negative physical effects.

i say "physical effects" because some of the negative MENTAL effects are an essential part of the whole intoxication process (a no pain no gain sort of thing).

if i'd had this "power" a few years ago i wouldn't be the wreck i am now -but that's another story.

of course, this is all just child-like thinking anyway because there's ultimately no such thing as "mental" or "physical". they're just human generalisations used to describe "areas of perception" -to coin a phrase.

i'm wandering into vague/paradoxical/metaphysical territory now so i'll shut up. i think you know what i meant originally anyway.

i've just remembered, this was supposed to be for your son.. it may not be appropriate; sorry.

interesting question though, thanks.

Anonymous said...

^^any? wtf are you talking about