Sunday, May 06, 2007

so what did you people think of spiderman 3?

10:32:00 PM


PChis said...

It was good. With what it was trying to cover and with the material it encompassed, it could have been fantastic, and probably could have been two movies.

But no, it was just good.

Anonymous said...

i agree pchis. Alot of people have been really knocking it but i thought it was a fun movie. If your looking for flaws you will find them but if you just watch it then its pretty good. I think they could have made just the man vs self conflict and on e of the spiderman vs villain conflicts into a whole movie.

Anonymous said...

i always hated the spiderman movies so i guess i will definitely not like this one.

Hannah said...

agreed, anon two. man vs. machine (as you said, "vs self") should have been highlighted. they had so much they could do with that, but they squashed it into about two minutes of footage and spent the rest smashing up buildings.

I like the sand guy's character, though. I don't know if my opinion counts for much--I've loved the other two spiderman movies. :p

Anonymous said...

Loved 1 and 2.

3 sucked hard.