Sunday, May 06, 2007

It is nine o' clock. I am not done writing the major-grade English paper due tomorrow. I am so screwed.

I wish I were a senior and didn't have to do this stuff.

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TintedFragipan said...

That's a lie that seniors don't have to do that stuff. Second semester senior year is way worse than second semester junior year.

SwalesT'shooth said...

I second Tinted. I've got two history papers due in the next two weeks and my science and math classes aren't slowing down at all. Thankfully my English class took care of most of the hard stuff first semester, but from what I hear, most other English classes are just revving up.

Basically, senior year is an uphill climb all the way till they hand you the diploma. The stairs up to the stage at graduation are probably going to be an escalator--going down.

龙年 said...

I agree with both Swalest and Tinted: Senior year is still a lot of work, just for different reasons than Junior year.

This year, it's all about the college apps, AP exams, extracurricular involvement, and getting the work done to hang in there and earn that diploma.

Seniors get pulled in two directions at the same time; there might be a little less curricular work (it depends entirely on the teachers), but there's more to do just in general, which makes up for any decreased classwork.

Also, high school seems like a very silly chore beginning the minute that you submit the acceptance verification to your college. After that, the academics are all about making the grades to keep the scholarships and get into the college programs that you want, and the focus shifts to taking care of the other committments in your life.

Queen Sekaf said...

me too! I agree with all said!

I have an exam every day for 2 1/2 weeks. I wish I were exaggerating.

Anonymous said...

Senior year is pretty much junior year, except worse. There's more work in class, and more work out of class, and you have less energy and will to do it. The only pay off is that you might be willing to accept a B instead of an A in some of your classes. And that B becomes harder and harder to earn.

Anonymous said...

fuck that.

Anonymous said...

OK listen up to all you seniors complaining and whining and shit. just the fact that you have the prospect of going to college next year...and that next month at this time you will never have to come back to enloe ever again makes enloe....or high school...that much better.

you do have exemptions from our crazy ass exam schedule this year and its your fault and were a dumbass and didn't show up to class this year and have to take all your exams.

you get to be excited and happy and talk about your future while we get to sit around and mope while we try to pull off that A or B and not know whether it will cost us an acceptance letter. while we listen to you talk about your future and college dreams.

and we have to come back next year.

so shutup and go to college. your done with the process. we're only halfway through.

TintedFragipan said...

^ yeah, the only difference is that we've been through both sides, whereas all you have is your experience as a junior. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

I actually think senior year is a whole lot easier then junior year. Granted, I am taking some easier classes this year, but it is still 5 APs and 1 honors. My teachers are more slack, the classes themselves are more slack, and I have gotten away with doing about 30 min of hw average per night during 2nd semester.

1st semester isn't really easier then junior year because of college apps, which are a lot more time consuming then one may think. However second semester comes the true "senioritis" feeling and the ability to actually slack off and still be okay.

Anonymous said...

I second Tinted above; we've been through Junior year already, and I know that I didn't bitch half as much as that.

Quit yer whining. Suck it up. The exam schedule this year is way easier (your exams are half the length as when we took them). Get over yourself.

If you're unhappy about it, just don't try to apply to a dozen schools that you know you won't attend. Take breaks where you can.

Hell, drop out and get a GED. If it bothers you so much, remind yourself that you don't /have/ to do it.

You can always spend your life flipping burgers and having to prove yourself in every job you can get.

Anonymous said...

My junior year was waaaay harder than my senior year. Senior year was practically a vacation for me. >_> But I guess I must have lucked out.

Anonymous said...

man my sophomore year was the hardest. junior year was the easiest and then senior year. The first half of senior year was kinda hard but now its just a joke. I doubt I'm exempt from many exams but what ever. No matter what you have to go to the class so suck it all you non skippers.
Senior year is really easy.
2008 is a really annoying class.
after you get into college high school is pointless.