Monday, May 07, 2007

I finally decided: I will spend the next three months weaning myself away from him. No more talking unless he initiates it (the only exception is when I actually have things to talk about). No more emails. No more calls. No more favors. No more movies. No more late night talks until four in the morning.

He's leaving and there's nothing to stop it. I might as well prepare for this now.

Oh well. It's not like he's mine anyways.

07:53:00 PM


Anonymous said...

phew, i'm really glad this isn't about me...

Anonymous said...

This is how I feel about him. Except we're going to the same college next year. It is still necessary for me to back off this summer and get over it all.

I wish you luck in this endeavor, it can prove to be difficult

Anonymous said...

This was me last year.
I'm STILL not over him.