Friday, March 23, 2007

So ive enjoyed the single life for awhile, its fun, because i didnt have to feel like this.

(I also didnt know what you felt like...that changed)

So we've been talking for months, its great, the saftey of never having to look a confident in the eye.

(but of course when we did lock eyes it was obvious who God gave first pick too, at least in the eyes department, and to think i was on this bouncing ball before you were)

So you were always the first to break the conversations off, sleep, you said was of high importance.

(And I swear after sleeping with you its gained a few notches on my ladder, yeah we didnt go beyond eachother's warmth, i didnt think to venture until later)

So I asked you then, when the lighting was just right, and we were both comfortably in bed "If i kissed your lips, would you slit my throat?"

(Yeah its a morbid sense of humor, and a lovely band allusion, and you did give me the answer I had been praying for....if only you gave it to me a closer....then 659 miles away.)

Ive learned from my mistakes
(i think about them enough)
You told me afterwards i needed to stop playing it safe
(little late for that eh)

I apologized.
And told you that you had to understand that
You burn so bright
For so many...
I have to be so very very careful with someone that beautiful.

forgive me.

02:17:00 AM


Hannah said...


Hannah said...

sorry, I guess that was sort of innappropriate.