Sunday, March 04, 2007

"I told him I loved him. Quietly, under my breath. And then I kissed him really hard so he wouldn't have a chance to say anything back, because I knew he didn't feel the same way.

I'm just glad he didn't say it back without meaning it. It means that when, or if, he will mean so much more. I like that he's frugal with love. I like that I have to earn it.

And I especially liked the intensity with which he kissed me back. Fear, lust, uncertainty, and yes...the slightest hint of the beginning of that dirty four letter word. It was beautiful."

UPDATE: He said it. :)

03:55:00 PM


Anonymous said...

I know who you are. I hate you. Like I hardcore hate you right now. It's not even the jealous kind of hate.

Anonymous said...

im very happy for you op :)

Anonymous said...


Hannah said...

Maybe you just have a personal problem with the OP, anon 1. But... to me, it sounds like she's a pretty understanding girl.