Monday, March 26, 2007

Everyone around me is in a relationship except one friend of mine. That's complicated because he loves me and I don't love him, (which is stupid because he's a nice guy and all, but this stuff is supposed to happen, not be forced...) and now apperantly so much as agreeing to hang out with him now is 'leading him on'.

The person I do love just got a girlfriend last night to match up with all the other 'friends' who all hooked up over spring break and never told me about it.

Thanks guys.

I deleted all the information off of my facebook, removed my aim profiles, privatized every livejournal account.

I'm going to dissappear off of the face of the planet socially.

...and none of them are actually going to notice.

11:23:00 AM


Anonymous said...

Pulling a Limeybean, eh?

Anonymous said...

umm way to make your situation any better. yea be anti social. that'll get you the bf...