Sunday, March 11, 2007

I am terrified.

I have never had sex, but my boyfriend and I have had genital contact. I know that it's possible to get pregnant without sex, though.

And my period should have come a few days ago.

Could I be pregnant?? I can't even remember a time in the past month that we've done anything that risky.

03:48:00 PM


Anonymous said...

Unless he ejaculated and your period for that month was already over. Your period could just be a little late. If he did ejaculate, it is very very unlikely he could have gotten you pregnant but still possible. Remember, the little guys already have a long way to swim. Wait a few more days and then take a pregnancy test.

Anonymous said...

Don't fret too much, periods can come late for a bunch of reasons-- in fact, it's not uncommon to completely skip one because you're worried you might be pregnant. You're a few days late, you freak out, the stress causes your body to say "Ahh! Not a good time for conceiving a baby! Halt production!" and thus, you delay or skip a period. It's highly unlikely that you're pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Genital contact without actually penetration is probably not going to get you pregnant.