Tuesday, March 13, 2007

why am i so hesitant to get into a relationship?

08:53:00 PM


Anonymous said...

it represents some huge commitment, and alot of questions that arent comfortable- "what if (s)he stops likeing me?" "what if (s)he doesnt feel the same about me" "what if (s)he thinks that im really weird after we start dating, or what if its too awkward, what if we ruin our friendship" etc.

chances are though, that whoever it is feels the same - in alot of relationships the couple seems to be on the same page - even if it feels really awkward

Anonymous said...

one possibility: you have this idea of a "perfect" relationship in your head, and so if something's just a little off, you don't want to go through because it won't be perfect and fulfilling (or so you think).

Anonymous said...

honestly if you don't feel like you reaaaly want to be in a relationship, i think that it is better not to be. at least don't do it just for the sake of being in a relationship.