Friday, March 30, 2007

No Stanford for PChis.


Anonymous said...

im sorry man -.-

Anonymous said...

oh i'm sooooooo sorry
you didn't get into one of the fucking hardest schools ever

and you expect people (like the anonymous above) to actually be sorry!


i'll give you a call from comunity collage, if i can afford that and actually get in.

even people who work there asses off dont get places.

Anonymous said...

^shut the fuck up, loser. the last thing he needs right now is some asshole jeering at him.

Hannah said...

anonymous two:

With that comment alone, it appears to me that you epitomize the mediocrity that gives our generation a bad name.

In more concise terms (which I hope you understand), you are a douchebag.

If you're so bitter about going to community college/paying for it, maybe you should have worked harder in HS. Like PChis did.

Anonymous said...

pChis is most likely the smartest kid I know. He can actually make it into colleges like that. Not only is he nice in general hes not an ass about his intelligence. and that post didnt seem to "wahh boo hoo" to me. it could have been just a statement. but obviously since its on an angst site, hes feeling a bit down about it. chill out and let this brain be upset about not getting into a place he deserved to get in.

TintedFragipan said...

No Columbia for TintedFragipan...

not because I didn't get in, just because I can't pay for it.