Saturday, March 31, 2007

AP tests are six weeks away and i'm ALREADY freaking out.
help with bio?
p.s. i am the worst junior ever. even though i'm not really, i just feel inadequate compared to all of the crazy smart people i hang out with... i'm way too much of a slacker/procrastinator.

06:19:00 PM


Anonymous said...

first of all, don't compare yourself to other people.

Anonymous said...

you need to calm down and realize it really doesn't even matter.

Anonymous said...

compare yourself to them, and work harder.

Hannah said...

Hey. Right now is the time to start studying. Screw all those other people, and go to the library tomorrow and check out the Barrons books for your tests.

(Better not get English 12, Gov/Pol, or Calc BC, though, because those are MINE.)

Start a study schedule, and carry the books around with you so you'll remember to read through them. Do the practice problems each night.

Even if you've slacked off most of the year, you should be in good shape by the AP.