Monday, March 19, 2007

I hate girls (and boys) who are overly romantically sensitive and think that every single boyfriend (or girlfriend) they ever have must be the one they're going marry and be with forever and ever. They post grotesque make-out/dry sex pictures of themselves all over the place as if it's some gorgeous new phenomena. They become one self-centered blob, sucking on each other every where they go, even the principal's office.

Please grow up and get a hold of yourself. I know what falling in love is, and it's not whatever the hell you're doing.

11:18:00 PM


Anonymous said...

im glad you have finally defined what love is for everyone. congrats mate!

PChis said...

While I agree with your general disgust and while I'd say that usually those people would not be experiencing love as they will define it in a few years...who gave you the right to tell people what love is.

Love is a very personal thing, and if that's how they choose to express it then who are you to judge?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the op on this one. Its annoying as hell when couple suck face everywhere they go, or they act like each other are the only people around. I mean love is good and dandy but it seems that people use a boyfriend or girlfriend as a status symbol.

Anonymous said...

Guess what?

It is a status symbol.

Anonymous said...

I'm entitled to my opinion (which aren't always written in stone btw). It's not like I'm going around breaking people up.

People shouldn't go through their lives in complete apathy (by the same token, getting too extreme can be just as bad). "Love is a very personal thing," does that mean you or me can't have an opinion about it? What's life about if you're isolating yourself ALL the time?

If people never form opinions, how can they ever start to make decisions that work for them? At the time same, keeping an open mind is important too, yes.

Anonymous said...

we aren't attacking your right to an opinion. and i agree that the feirce makeing out in the halls is uncalled for. but to be disgusted (in my opinion) that they call that relationship love is also uncalled for. for them it might be love. how can you know what it means to them? people experince love in many ways and express it in many ways. sometimes their expression might be too much to handle for other people and the lovers are just less considerate then they should be.