Tuesday, March 06, 2007

When I heard my friend had been pregnant I tried to be kind and supportive.
I went home and puked.
It disgusted me. She had something inside her, and she's the same age as me.

Inside her.

08:22:00 PM


Anonymous said...

and that thing inside of her is a baby. something beautiful. people like her get abortions. that makes me puke.

OP said...

^Hey she had a miscarriage, asshole.

PChis said...

^^I don't think you made that abundantly clear OP.

Wouldn't it be a little more disgusting if she was growing it outside her?

Anonymous said...

At least if it's on the outside you can catch it before it grows fingernails or teeth and rips through your stomach.

Pregnancy is very disturbing. For basically the reasons described by the op.