Sunday, March 18, 2007

i didn't get in

99% on my tests and i didn't get in

i'm dead on the inside

god FUCKING dammit

pray for me tonight

this may be your last chance

09:19:00 PM


Anonymous said...

Apply again next year, or for the spring semester. They like determined students.

If not, there's always another path--get career training for something, anything. It's better than nothing, a hell of a lot better. Just stick around, you'll find that life gets better.

Anonymous said...

join peace corps then try again.

Anonymous said...

maybe the school didn't deserve you.

PChis said...

Did you have any backups?

You can always transfer.

Anonymous said...

ahhh im sorry, i can sympathize

Anonymous said...

Only college grads can join the peace corps

Anonymous said...

No anyone can