Sunday, March 25, 2007

I stuck it in once and then I pulled it right back out..."no" I told her, not without a condom.

I now there's not much risk in pregnancy, but exactly how small is it?

06:24:00 PM


Anonymous said...

good call. I would advise using a condom always. I think its about 70-80something% that a condom will prevent pregnacy but make sure that you've talked it over before hand. "what if" "will go you on the pill? the patch? would you raise a child with me?" etc. theres always a risk, and if it could be way bigger than you're expecting.

Anonymous said...

70-80h percent with the condom, 90-98 percent with the pill. use the two together, that's your best bet.

PChis said...

I think he's wondering about him sticking it in once.

Semen can exist in preejaculate white CAN impregnate someone even if you don't ejaculate...but I'd say it's a pretty small chance.

Anyone got the numbers on that?

Anonymous said...

no numbers, but to me it sounds highly unlikely but not impossible. if 6 weeks from now she hasn't gotten her period, that's when i would start to worry.