Monday, March 26, 2007

after closing down at work at night, i go outside and start acting like im texting, so when my associates pass me by they'll think im important.

for once i wish i actually had someone to text.


12:44:00 PM


Hannah said...

I wish I knew how to text.

I can't even work my phone's address system. Also, I accidentally set a buzzer to go off in the middle of orchestra pit the other day. good thing I caught it. :D

Anonymous said...

HA. who doesn't do that? everyone when they stand by themselves and there's a lot of people hanging out or just people in general they stand with their cell phones and pretend to do crap. you are not alone my friend.

Anonymous said...

yea i have fake conversations sometimes, maybe we should start a support group.

Anonymous said...

I do this occasionally