Thursday, November 16, 2006

its been a while, and nothing ever happend in the first place. im supposed to be over this whole thing, yet its getting to the point where i cant look in peoples profiles because its a quote from her. i dont listen to certain music because it reminds me of her. i have delayed or hurried walking routines between classes so i dont have to see the other guy. not talk to him. just see him.

im not supposed to feel this way. why do i have such a problem with moving on (even if nothing happened)

11:23:04 PM


PChis said...

even if nothing happened?

Anonymous said...

it's like you read my past! crazy!

hey man, i feel your pain 100%. i knowwww what it's like. and the truth is, it doesn't get much easier. maybe you just get sorta numb to it... keep yourself busy so you don't think about it, you know? and if you have to change your routes to places, then do that.

but things will get better and life will move on. i promise!