Friday, December 19, 2008

This guy and I have been kind of "seeing" each other over the past few weeks and it's getting kind of official. I've been really wary of labeling "dating" or "boyfriend/girlfriend" though that's what it's growing closer and closer to. So he's an amazing guy and everything but yesterday he wanted me to meet his best friend. His best friend is way more attractive, has the exact same interests as me, has the same sense of humor as me and has a slight romantic interest in me. I know this sounds terrible, but his best friend is such a better match for me that he is and we flirted really hardcore yesterday.

Oh no! What do I do?

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Anonymous said...

Well is it possible he introduced you to his bestfriend, because he knew you both and thought you 2 would be a good match?
Maybe he introduced you to his friend because he thought you were a great person, but weren't right for him.

I'd go for it.

Anonymous said...

DOUBT IT! Anon1 is dumb. You're totally a bad person.

Anonymous said...

you're fucking dumb.

since when did it become alright to bash other peoples' opinions or advice.

I didn't realize it had become acceptable.

PChis said...

If you really think he's not the guy for you then break it off.

Also, if you want to date his friend then I would say wait a while and then try it. Because you and your current guy aren't really official, I see no reason why there would be a really long hands off period, but if you tried to switch over immediately it would not be fair to either of them.

Also, you say the guy you're currently with is "an amazing guy." His friend may be funny and attractive, but he could be a total douchebag (once you get to know him). Trying to trade up seems like a big risk. I would say the question lies in whether or not you think the current guy is a good match. If so, stay with him; if not, don't.

OP said...

Okay it's official now.

And I've never been more obsessed with his best friend. I'm setting myself up for heartache.

Anonymous said...

Tell both of them that you're interested in them but you're not ready to settle down with one guy. Then see if either of them still wants to "date" you. At least it'd be honest and you wouldn't have to pretend.