Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I hate it when people flame others when posting anonymously. Really? Do you think you are on such moral high ground that you can attack me? Then have the balls to post your fucking name.

Anonymity gives you a feeling of power and it's sick that people would abuse that just to feel superior or get a rush.

Guess what? It doesn't make you sound cool. It makes you sound like an ASSHOLE!

Note: I'm not talking about the named contributors, just the jerks that hide behind "Anonymous" when responding.

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Anonymous said...

you make an assumption. just because you're posting anonymously does not mean you are 'attacking' someone. do you hate it when people agree or compliment others anonymously? if you don't then you probably just have a problem with people 'attacking' or 'flaming' others in general. anonymity has nothing to do with it.

this entire site thrives on anonymity so I suggest if you are looking for something should go somewhere else.

and 'maggie' means nothing to me and most likely other people that read this site. nobody knows who you are so its just like you were some other anonymous person. don't hide under 'maggie'. if you really dont want to be anonymous post your full name.

Anonymous said...

i second the motion. first and last name, please; a full name is usually enough to find you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymity is a staple of Tangst. It should stay that way, flames and all.

As one who has in my weaker moments flamed anonymously, I can say it doesn't make me feel superior or smart. Sometimes I'm just pissed off and not thinking straight and I wanna bitch at someone. I usually regret it later and I'm glad I didn't put my name on it.

Maggie Anderson said...

Sorry, this actually wasn't about Tangst, it just kind of flared out into Tangst.

Anonymous said...
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PChis said...

Anonymous 4:

I think you make a valid point with your display of someone else's personal information, so I'll keep it up for now, but I just want Maggie to know if she has a problem with it she can post here or shoot me an email and I'll take it down.

Dr. A said...

I stand with Pchis on this one -- I'm willing to take this down in a heartbeat if Maggie feels like it should be.

PChis said...

I also have a question:

Anonymous 4,

How much can you find out about me with the following information:

Peter Chisnell.

Dr. A said...

I'd like to know too:

Reed Watson

Anonymous 4 said...

Peter Jacob Chisnell

Born June 9, 1989

Brother: Robin Michael Chisnell (MIT Graduate Student, Alumnus of Washington University - Class of 2008)
Father: John R. Chisnell (Assistant Director, Biotechnology Teaching, NC State University)

In a well-established long-term relationship with Anna Hardy (Virginia Commonwealth University, Class of 2011)

Fmr. Student at William G. Enloe High School
Class of 2007

Fmr. Student at North Carolina State University
Cross-enrolled for mathematics before graduating from Enloe HS

Fmrly. employed by the North Carolina State University Club
Summer 2007

Fmrly. employed by the Duke Center for Nicotine and Smoking Cessation Research
General intern, from the sounds of it
Summer 2008

Student at Vanderbilt University
Class of 2011
Neuroscience Major

Home Address:
1208 Chaney Rd
Raleigh, NC 27606

Phone: 919-889-5996 (Cell)
Phone: 919-851-7408 (Home)
AIM: Lemurs Of Rohan

As of September 1, 2008, Peter Chisnell was listed as a member of the Vanderbilt Ultimate team Cobra Kai. As of November 4, 2008 team Cobra Kai has been renamed to VIRUS; Peter Chisnell is no longer listed as a member.

Anonymous 4 said...

Reed Watson

Born April 11, 1989

Brother: Will Watson (William G. Enloe High School, Class of 2011)
Mother: Laurie J. Watson (Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Loving & Living Center)
Father: Derek M. Watson

Currently Single

Fmr. Student at Ligon GT Magnet Middle School
Class of 2003

Fmr. Student at William G. Enloe High School
Class of 2007

Student at the University of North Carolina
Class of 2011
Philosophy Major
But expresses significant interest in Psychology, and still trying to decide what he wants to do

School Address:
428 Morrison Hall
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Home Address:
701 Tadlock Drive
Raleigh, NC 27614-9238

Phone: 919-523-0146 (Cell)
Phone: 919-845-5400 (Home)
Phone: 919-844-8023 (Home)
AIM: Rapscallion Reed

While at Ligon MS, Reed was an actor in the Applause theatre group. With this group, he performed plays like A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court (11/22-11/23 2002, playing the parts of Hercules and Merlin).

Anonymous 4 said...

Correction: Reed's full name is Reed Mccollum Watson

Anonymous 4 said...

Some notes:

Peter Chisnell also attended Ligon Middle School, class of 2003. I didn't think to look that far back until after I started looking for Reed's info.

This is by no means a complete picture; there's a lot more information available on you both, but I figure this is a good example.

To compile the profiles on these three people, I utilized only legally-available resources available to me via the Internet. In fact, I did the profiles on Peter and Reed while sitting down to breakfast.

Information is incredibly easy to obtain, once you know where and how to look. These days, you can find a lot of personal data using the Internet, and there's even more you can learn if you branch out to the physical world of people and paper trails.

Anonymous 4 said...

Additional correction: Reed's brother at Enloe is named Soren, not Will. To my knowledge, Will is not a brother of Reed. Call it a typo, or a copy/paste error - whichever you prefer.

Dr. A said...


That's really cool.

I mean, also scary, but I don't really hide my information that well I wouldn't say. Maybe I should.

Well done, Anon 4.

Dr. A said...

My only question is -- how did you know you had the correct M. Anderson?

Actually I have two questions, the second being: are we friends on Facebook, because that would make such a search substantially easier.

Anonymous 4 said...

There's a limit to what you can hide when it comes to public records like phonebook entries, property registrations, and some school attendance information. However, you can make it harder for someone to connect the dots.

In response to your questions:

1) Context clues tell me I probably got the right person, but I don't know with absolute certainty. I'd say somewhere in the ballpark of 90-95%.

2) I am friends with you and Peter on Facebook. However, I did consider the fact that using it could be seen as a crutch, so I did my search without your Facebook profile data, and then confirmed parts of my findings through there.

Sure, Facebook makes finding information easier, since it's all in one place, but it's by no means the only way to find that information.

It's no secret that the admins here almost all attended Enloe HS, so by correlating even that basic piece of data with your name I could find the same information by following breadcrumbs. Case in point: I found the tidbits about Ligon from an old electronic copy of a Ligon PTA newsletter. I could find your college through graduation announcements by matching you with Enloe. I found a decent amount of information which I used to establish a solid identity that could be matched to other things.

There are plenty of different ways to find information. It all depends what you're starting from.

Note. I'm sure someone reading this will point out that I used context to arrive at my identifications, rather than "just the name". Yeah, that's true. If you have a name like John Smith, there's no way you're going to find the right one without considering some context. For example, in the case of Tangst, you can narrow the possibilities with variables like the likelihood that someone lives/lived in Raleigh, NC or Boulder, CO.

That said, if you've got an uncommon name or spelling, it's possible to find an identity without extra context.

Dr. A said...


It's true, of course, that this isn't an extremely big community. And it's not even just people that went to Enloe, but certain people that went to Enloe.

For a long time in junior and senior year people would accurately guess who each poster was but I was never really good at that.

Matthew said...

Fuck anon 4 is really full of himself or herself. You're not that big of a stud, chill out.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Matthew, relax. Anon 4 sounds confident, but maybe not full of themselves.

You're not that big of a stud yourself, you grumpy old man :D

Anonymous said...

I think Anon 4 is just a stalker.

Maggie said...

Great work, Anonymous4.

However, that is not me.

I'm sure Ms M E Anderson would appreciate not having her info on here, so could someone please remove it?

knight_racer979 said...

Post removed per request of original poster.

I didn't discuss this with anyone, so I hope I'm in the clear on this.

Well done Anon4, truly scary what you can get out there.

knight_racer979 said...

And I'm curious about something.

What led you to narrow down the search to Boulder, CO? Raleigh I can of course understand, but Boulder?

Dr. A said...

The Walls Have Eyes is there.

knight_racer979 said...

Ahh, I see.