Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I can't control how upset I get sometimes. I transferred from a school that made me incredibly depressed to a school where all of my friends are at. I live with two good friends, one of whom picks fights with me constantly (A definite source of anger). My grades are not as solid as they were last year, and the classes are harder, but that's what I wanted.. right? Mostly I feel bad because innocent bystanders (friends and family) get pulled into the vortex. I don't want to drag them down, and I hope they know that I don't mean to take it out on them. I love them. I'm a coward.

11:26:00 PM

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Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you... Life is definitely in flux for me this year (also a new transfer student), and it's been interesting/frustrating/gratifying to see the various changes, improvements, and deterioration of different aspects therein.

Some days I go to bed wondering why the fuck I transferred, while other days I wake up charged and excited about my new life and opportunities. It's a bit difficult for me at times, and it's a little hard on the friends I rely on for advice and confidences.