Friday, December 12, 2008

As the Rich Get Poorer, Teenagers Feel the Crunch (NY Times)

There are some pretty priceless quotes in that article. It's so fucking surreal.

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PChis said...

I feel like it all made rather logical sense?

Anonymous said...

except the part where the girl was getting $100 a week and a family spent $110 on pizza.

Why can't I be that rich?

Anonymous said...


"Research shows that the bigger the allowance you get from Mom and Dad... the less likely you are to work."

Who paid for that research?

God. All the kids say that they're "helping out their family's financial situation." What would help out their situation is cut back on the I-must-spend-money-on-shit mentality..

if you feel you can’t live on the allowance we’re giving you, then please look for a part-time

he’s got to know that the pizza budget is not $500 a month.