Thursday, December 25, 2008

anyone on here ever transfer to a different college? I'm doing really well at my current school and have considered transferring to UNC-CH mostly due to cost but also because I may have a job lined up for me after I graduate. I was happy to be in a new setting at my current school because I was able to redefine myself. I guess my big question is if it was difficult transferring or if there is anything that I wouldn't expect that transfers have to put up with.

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龙年 said...

Last year, I attended Iowa State University; I transferred to NC State this year for reasons that sound somewhat similar to yours.

Quite honestly, it's been a very mixed bag. Sometimes I wonder why I transferred, when faced with weird unforeseen hurdles, like details regarding the transfer of specific class credits.

Other times, I'm extremely happy that I did make the transfer. I've met new people, and I've been exposed to a larger number of opportunities local to my school.

Overall transferring is pretty easy. However, you should know that schools tend to rank transfer students down at/below equivalent to freshmen in terms of priority for on-campus housing, class registration, etc. Also, remember that a different school may require different basic credits (ie. NCSU requires 2 PE classes for all students, whereas I wasn't required to take any at ISU).

If you'd like to talk more specifically, my AIM and email are in my blogger profile; just click the link on my name to see it.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with box box. Universities have been known to prioritize transfers over freshman. They are easier to deal with and are less likely to drop out, which is something admissions prefers.

One thing to recognize is that you have the correct amount/type of credits to transfer. You might want to analyze your credits compared to the school you are transferring to, and make sure all of your current classes will be accepted.