Friday, December 05, 2008


I was just looking through some things on the site like "Tangst beginnings" and my own profile where I declare that I am a Junior at Enloe High..

I just want to say: "Tangst. Fuck yes." Because though we've worried you are going to roll over and die, or whatever, people still look at this site.

Has much else comparable in your life lasted since 2006? It's pretty awesome.

Dr. A
2:16:00 AM
12/5/2008 (!)


Anonymous said...

Still ridiculously angsty. Still kind of in love with my sophomore year of high school, even as a freshman in college. Still sometimes dream about the same boys I dreamt about back then. More sex, more drugs, less drama.

SwalesT'shooth said...

I am really glad that Tangst is still here. It's changed, but it's still good.

thewordofrashi said...

You should go back and read your answers to the "Ask the Admins" we did. Classic.