Sunday, April 08, 2007

so this is classic- i like him, and maybe he likes me? but he has a girlfriend (that he's been dating for 3 years). we were only supposed to be friends. i never thought i would be the one muscling in on some other girl's boyfriend. and of course i feel badly, but there's this part of me that secretly thinks it'd be great if they'd just break up so we could go out. i wish there was some way to avoid anyone getting hurt. but one of us will, and it'll probably be me. but maybe it would be worse if it were her, because it would make me a terrible person. i dislike this situation, but i do honestly kind of like finally having someone to care about again. i feel like i have an angel and a devil sitting on my shoulders. i probably sound like it, too.

12:40:00 AM


Anonymous said...

if they're a happy couple, then go find your own guy. there are lots of them. how would you like it if your boyfriend broke up with you to go out with the other woman?

is this typical for you? it's just some people like chasing people who're hard to get.

Anonymous said...

For my own personal reasons, I am obligated to hate your guts, OP. And the other parts of you that do not qualify as "guts." Sorry, it's just a thing with some issues I had with this girl who tried to sabotage my relationship so she could have my boyfriend... trust me, you can find another guy. No good can come of stealing one.