Thursday, April 10, 2008

I think that if college is truly the best time of your life I must be wasting it. College isn't as fun as so many people say, perhaps im just not happy in my current situation but does anyone else in college feel that if this is the best time in your life then your life's gonna be pretty crappy? maybe its just me. I'm just bored as hell with college right now, I find that im wondering if im missing something or if my expectations were too high or is college like this every where. maybe I need to change colleges cause not much here suits me. maybe it will improve next year or by the time I am in junior year but What if it doesnt then I will have wasted the best time in my life waiting for it to improve. If I leave and its the same then I will wasted my time and effort switching to another school. Its a question I find my self wondering every time im bored. I mean when I envisioned my self going to college I never though about wasting my time watching tv or trying to find a way to while away the hours I though of being busy learning and growing. my spelling and grammar is probably off but i just wanted to write it down and i don't feel like checking it.

11:05:00 PM


Anonymous said...

My expectations were too high. College hasn't lived up to them in many ways.

I have learned a lot about time, and what it feels like to have my body reach the plateau of its capability. I've learned what it's like to crash academically, even while soaring professionally.

Here's to hoping the next 3 years look up.

I think they will.

If they don't, I'll take some time off to do other things and figure out my life.

PChis said...

College is all about some TV.

And from what I hear, it gets a lot better.

op said...

what do you mean it gets better pchis? college get better or life gets better, if its college when?

Anonymous said...

I would guess that pchis meant that college gets better, but I could be wrong.