Tuesday, April 08, 2008

when you go to unc and you went to enloe...is it hard to hangout with people that aren't from enloe?

01:35:00 PM


thewordofrashi said...

My impression is no. Carolina is a big school. If you never want to see another Enloe-ite again, you really don't have to, except in passing.

Dr. A said...

Wellll you can definitely see people if you want to but not too many of the people I see on a daily basis (except you, Tinted) are from Enloe. It's a choice. Plus there are a million cool people to choose from (and about five million people you'll wish you'd never seen, maybe).

Anonymous said...

It isn't as difficult as you would think. While you run into people around campus from Enloe, you can definitely find new friends if you so choose.