Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My biggest fear about college is that I'm going to be bored.

07:23:00 PM


Dr. A said...

Well you're going to want to take up a hobby. I recommend watching TV... it's college, everyone is doing it

Anonymous said...

college is boring sometimes, but you'll deal with it. make friends, learn a skill, work a job, exercise your body into shape, etc.

find a reason to make college worth your time. if you think about it for a while and still don't have a reason, maybe you should defer enrollment for a while.

with the cost of a college semester so prohibitively expensive these days, you really shouldn't waste time.

Anonymous said...

I'm often bored in college, but it's usually because I've been sitting in my dorm room watching the same six YouTube videos for the last hour. When I actually get off my ass and go hang out at the Student Union or check the bulletin boards for some event (which are going on 24/7), I meet people and do things and have fun. Buy a Frisbee before you go to college, and when it's a nice day just take it to the quad and start throwing it. There will be like three other people who will start playing with you, I promise. College is fun if you make it fun and get out of the dorm now and then.