Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why did college make all my high school friends so depressed and morbid?

4:01:00 PM


PChis said...

You've got me on that one, but I'm sure some have improved. You go off to college and meet new people, and then you come back. Some people you used to like you start hating, and some people you thought you could never stand start warming up to you.

It's strange.

(This is what I've been told anyways).

Some people just have a worse time at college than others.

Dr. A said...

Plus everything seems so much more meaningful that it's hard to just kind of dick around and be happy sometimes. You really feel the weight of the future pressing down on you. (I should say, I really feel the weight of it all pressing down on me.

Anonymous said...

I find that college is much less stressful than high school was. Maybe that's because I liken my high school experience to being run over by a different truck every time you try to stand up and get off the road.

Anonymous said...

college gives me more free time, but more pressure and choices. sometimes those choices include my mood at a given time. sometimes, for no good reason, i find myself making choices that make me depressed.

perhaps variety is good for the soul? maybe we're all just insane.

maybe it's just me.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we were all a little depressed and morbid somehwere deep down. Maybe it just took some independence to force the demons to rear their ugly heads.