Monday, April 14, 2008

When I close my eyes,

When reality fades,
When the world falls away,
When I'm alone with my mind,
When all I hear is the music in my ears,

I have found heaven;

a haven of individuality,
a place of secret counsel,
a world free from pain,
an existence free from shame.

I have found heaven on Earth.

08:30:00 PM


Anonymous said...


why would anyone write this shit on a website and why did it get the tag poetry

Anonymous said...

why don't you study poetry before you try to write it.

Anonymous said...

Concrete imagery, rather than the abstract, typically works better for conveying ideas/emotions.

Similarly, constructive criticism, rather than douchebaggery, typically works better for editing/commentary.

Anonymous said...

op don't listen to these tools. i liked it. i'm not very good at poetry myself but from little experience i have with it, i know that it is firstly difficult to write and secondly more difficult to share. i salute you; keep it up, i hope you don't stop writing.

also, can you tell me what heaven it is you've found? because i always assumed that heaven was like an ice cream social where you just meet all sorts of exciting people and eat free cookies (and ice cream, naturally).

Anonymous said...

Allow me to echo the sentiments of the anon. above me. First and foremost, ignore the douchebaggery that's polluting this page. Second, keep writing; it grants a catharsis that is rare in a form that is beautiful, whether it is in the eye of the observer or creator. Thanks for sharing.