Wednesday, April 30, 2008

After coming clean to myself and then to my close friends and admitting that I am bisexual, I was finally able to achieve the big O! I'm happy, I'm comfortable, and it's ridiculous that I had to worry just as much about my gay friends' reactions as my straight ones. I have a legitimate sexual orientation, and it feels good to just go ahead and open up. REAL good.

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Anonymous said...

What is this "big O"?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

used in the sentence "your mom really experience the big O last night when I had sex with her"

PS: Im just kidding

PPS: Im not really kidding

PPPS: I really did have sex... with your mom.

PPPPS: I bet when reading this you were thinking of a snappy comback using either the whole used in a sentence thing or the excessive us of post script.

PPPPPS: but then again maybe not I would know Im not you I just had sex with your mom.

Anonymous said...

PPPPPPS: meant to say "experienced"

Anonymous said...

Lucky. I want you to know that I am hating your reproductive system with a burning vengeance right now.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you don't actually have a legitimate sexual orientation. Bi now, gay later.

OP said...

Fuck you, Anon6. You're only part of what makes these things more difficult.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you've found your identity.

Alright, since I've done my part, please congratulate me on preparing of entering a life of you constantly reminding all your friends (and more importantly anyone and everyone you meet from here until your "THIS IS WHO I AM" phase is over) that if we are of the mindset other than the aforementioned "Congratulations you've found your identity" we are primitive, closeminded, quasi-traditionalist jackals.

This isn't at all to defend Anon6. He/She is probably a dick. But I'm probably a dick, in all fairness. I just want you to understand that I am happy that you have discovered who you are, with 100% honesty because its an exhilirating and liberating experience. Yet please, for the love of Earth's collective sanity (which is already in bad shape) don't let your identity be defined by one issue that will be paraded into some disgraceful caricature of what should be just another vibrant thread in your personal tapestry.

So before you can say it:

Fuck Anon6
Fuck Anon7

We don't understand your plight: Perhaps. But you don't understand that I am so fucking sick of people playing the victim when others don't agree with their various self-oriented epiphanies.

Honesty > Sensitivity


Anonymous said...

Bisexuality doesn't exist. Sorry OP.