Monday, February 26, 2007

You have until Wednesday after school to ask me out. 4:30 PM at the absolute latest.

Seriously -- I am getting tired of this game, this back and forth banter with coy smiles and inside jokes, late night conversations and lingering goodbyes. I can't do this anymore.

I think three months is long enough. After Wednesday, I give up. After Wednesday, we will only ever be friends.

06:54:00 PM


Anonymous said...

um why don't you ask him out. You have no right to be pissed off if you haven't made a move yourself.

Anonymous said...

Agree completely with A1.
The other person isn't at fault here. If you want it to happen go make it happen.
And if you're a firm believer in the "Girls can't ask boys out" (assuming you're female) rule please tell me your name so I can throw rocks at your house.

Anonymous said...

According to The Gender Genie, the poster is female.

Though, if the poster is a guy, then this is just lame.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't matter if the poster is female or male

Anonymous said...

ask the other person out you sucker.

Anonymous said...

if you're a girl and you refuse to ask the boy out i stand by you. there's nothing wrong with being a traditionalist like that. at all. some say its hypocritical but thats how its always been and there's nothing wrong with keeping it that way. if a girl wants to ask the guy thats fine. but if the girl doesn't want to ask that's also fine.

and if the boy doesn't have the balls to ask you out he doesn't deserve you anyway. just keep looking. the boy that's worth it will take the risk on you. he will take the risk of asking you out because being with you is worth the possibility of rejection. and that's what you deserve.

give him hints. subtle...then more obvious hints. he'll get the message, boys aren't that stupid. and if he doesn't get the message...i dont know why you want to be with him...because he's probably really stupid.

TintedFragipan said...

Well, I think the OP is lying. She's not actually issuing an ultimatum here, more like a pathetic and hollow threat which only serves to underscore how desperate she actually is.

Anonymous said...

yea stupid or just shy. probably shy. Considering the amount of mixed signals alot of girls send out its not real easy to tell when one is into you and when shes just being friendly.