Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Enloe's on the front page again. It's less of an "Enloe hates muslims" argument and more of an "Enloe is ignoring the constitution and promoting religion in schools" argument.

I hate how Mr. Esco's actions are being construed as the general feelings of the whole school. At least that's what the paper makes it seem like.

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Anonymous said...

That is so old. I'm tired of hearing about it. I'm over it.

Anonymous said...

that's because the paper is so freaking biased.

PChis said...

I hate how Esco's actions are being misconstrued and blown out of proportion.

Anonymous said...

I hate how badly this reflects on Christians. We're not a bunch of bigots and evangelicals, just as not all Muslims are terrorists. But, of course, the newspaper dosen't want to hear about the moderates, because we are not interesting.
To Mr. Esco: I could say a lot to why this was an innapropriate thing to do, both as a teacher and a Christian. Since his suspension however, I will not go into this. He has been reprimanded (albiet a little harshly).
To Mr. Solomon: All I can do is pray that since he has found Christianity, he can find other good things like intelligence and tact.
To the media: If I wasn't non-violent, I would beat them with sticks. They didn't have to make the school look so bad.

Anonymous said...

Esco was not suspended. Ask Cochran.

He's on paid administrative leave to talk with the school's lawyers.

That's not a suspension.