Wednesday, February 28, 2007

this is an interesting blog and idea. kudos to the originators.

unfortunately, i have put my teenage years behind me. i miss them. i miss the feeling. so many thoughts and emotions, from so many different directions, about so many different subjects, ALL pulling at you simultaneously.

great eFing times.

now, seeing as this is supposed to be centered around teen angst and drama, i'd like to comment on a couple of the major themes. y'know, having recently gone through them myself, emerging out the other side in your mid 20s as an adult who's first question always will be: "what happened?"

love. the gravity of love when you're a teenager cannot be emphasized enough. just about every one has some form of entanglement with it at one point or another. there obviously are endless things i can talk about here but the main thing to remember (incidentally to the mind of the teenager this seems impossible) is that it will PASS! gauran-fucking-teed. if love is not a source of misery or anxiety for you, then all the better. but not another minute should be wasted dwelling and sulking and writing sad poetry. do not feed your "broken" heart. you're a teenager. you're feared, envied, and revered. start to act like it!

drugs. do them. try them. be responsible. know your source, substance, and body, but don't be afraid. circumstances and environment are always important when trying things for the first time. be with people you know and trust. plan things out. don't let buzzwords like 'brain damage' and 'overdose' scare you. walking the 'straight line' will prove to be a detriment to your mental and psychological growth in the long run. drugs will help with the expansion of your consiousness. ideas, beliefs, morality--everything will be fine-tuned. be smart. do some research. talk to people who've had experience. KNOW YOUR BODY. KNOW YOUR SUBSTANCE. KNOW YOUR SOURCE.. and do not abstain from taking drugs.

the future. relax. it's coming. way too much anxiety about college and careers and 'what are you gonna do when you grow up?' i have a news flash for anyone who is confused about how to answer that question: you don't ever really grow up. things simply change, mature, and evolve. a big mistake is thinking that you need to know now what it is you want to do. an even bigger mistake is propelling yourself in a particular career direction without being certain of what you want. to HELL with what people think. (again, difficult to accept, but true) don't involve yourself in something that you don't have passion for, and don't lie to yourself! don't deny the reality of your feelings. don't be afraid to say you don't know. you must necessarily not know. it's only normal to not know. you will suffer great misery in the long run if you realiz that which you have dedicated so much of your life and time to has always just been a front, and not what you've truly wanted. WAIT. figure it out. don't be rushed by your peers and surroundings. relax. the future will come and you will be ready for it.

hmmmm. i feel like i am definitely ranting. haha. perhaps i should stop. this might have been for my benefit only. hope someone reads it. hope it helps.

life is a game.
so relax,
take it easy,
and play.

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Anonymous said...

don't actually do drugs....

not the op

Anonymous said...

Interesting perspective, OP. I'd love to read this same essay written by more people - maybe one a decade older than you, and one a decade older than that, and so on.

I'm glad you've garnered so much from reflecting on your teenage years.

swalest'shooth said...

"drugs. do them." Yeah, I'm totally sure that everyone who's ever chewed their own arms off from meth addiction or burned holes in their nasal pasages with cocaine would tell me the same. And I can tell from your mastery of English spelling, capitalization and sentence structure that drugs have certainly "expanded your consciousness." I think I'll keep my boring "straight line" personality and pass on all the "fine-tuning" hallucinations of fiery bats chasing me through downtown Bangkok and spent my weed money on replica Renaissance weaponry instead, thanks.

Though it does seem true that "you never grow up," since someone "emerging out the other side in [his] mid 20s as an adult" still finds time to waste reliving the past on a website clearly intended for teens. If you're going to call yourself an adult, act like one--and by "act like an adult," I don't mean "make condescending ass-headed generalizations about adulthood on a teen website from the vantage point of someone at the height of their most pompous and immature years, the twenties."

For the good of everyone involved, sir, I would advise you to fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Drugs, not always so much the good. Too often, they're dangerous beyond reason.
My uncle did drugs in college in the seventies, and was diagnosed with schizophrenia that same year (not surprising - some form of mental illness tends to run in my family). My mom was at the same college, didn't do drugs, but was still required to go to counseling with student health. She checked out normal.
There's been research to prove that drugs can increase the likelihood of developing a mental illness in people already slightly at risk for them.
Just be careful.

Anonymous said...

On the contrary, I'll agree with op on the drugs issue.

Getting seriously drunk off my ass did make my perspective more rounded. And it made me realize that not remembering things really messes me and my system up.

Hannah said...

Wow, you're so old. So unbelievably fucking old. Mature, too. I'm glad that you're giving us poor betrodden teens on tangst here some solid foundation, a mentor to look up to...


I don't care whether you're twenty-five or a hundred and fifty, your advice is BS. I'd like to assume that some of us will be able to "expand our conciousness, ideals, and morality" without harmful substances.

I mean, I may be one of these troubled, befuddled teenagers now--but I'd certainly like to be a lot older when I die.

PChis said...

"Not just one woman. A lot of women."

Anonymous said...

Man, I don't even think it's the "drugs" thing that annoys me about this post, although that is sort of egregious since it's just one cliche after another.

Furthermore, the love part and the future part are okay (if not also a little trite).

I think I just resent how immature the post is overall, and I would pinpoint that sentiment in the line "great eFing times"

Anonymous said...

You know, my dad took drugs, and he turned out fine. But alot of people don't. And even if your body doesn't get damaged, you can still go to jail.
Which will mess up your life.

TintedFragipan said...

Yeah my parents did drugs in their teenage years and they're not really what I'd call enlightened or free-thinking...

They're banal, middle-class, management-level christian conservative republicans...

Anonymous said...

geez tinted. you make it sound like being those things is a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Points forever to PChis for the Little Miss Sunshine quote. :D

Anonymous said...

and wear sunscreen

Anonymous said...

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