Wednesday, September 17, 2008

this guy liked me and he certainly showed it. and i do too. i liked him too. then we reciprocated flirtations. until we hung out, and hooked up. but at school, he's not consistent with his feelings. at school he can sometimes be aloof and sometimes he'll pay attention. and sometimes he'll be affectionate. and then last weekend we hooked up again. but he's just still inconsistent with his feelings to me. i just don't what to do. he makes me so confused and i don't need this stress my junior year. i've got others things to worry about. i don't want just a friends with benefits/hook-up thing, i really really like him. he's absolutely amazing.

what should i do?

09:57:00 PM


Anonymous said...

Wow, are you confused. You have set yourself up for disappointment, drama, confusion, sadness and longing. You are waiting for something that's not going to come. You gave much more than you're getting, and it's not going to fall into place.

Accept it. Move on. If he really wants you, he'll show it. He'll prove it. But before you give it all away to him again, tell him what you want out of a relationship and a man. He may not be willing to be all of that. So why should you just put out and then wait for something that's not forthcoming?

Anonymous said...

Wish we could wave a wand to make sure all relationships are reciprocal. It's really better to ensure that's so before hooking up than trying to make or wish it so after.