Sunday, September 07, 2008

how do I meet people in college?

04:06:00 PM


Anonymous said...

join a club or an intramural or a volunteer organization or something.

Anonymous said...

don't sit in your dorm on tangst, get out and do something

Anonymous said...

quaaaaaaaaaaaaad. it's where the people is at.

Anonymous said...

Open your mouth and share something about yourself with people who look interesting, friendly, or attractive to you. Spread some small talk around throughout your day. It provides openings for conversations for likeminded people.

Make a point to learn names and faces in your dorm or living area. Strike up conversations and get to know people. "Where are you from?" and "What's your major?" are classic opening lines. Then be willing to listen, remember, show you care.

Be a good friend to others.

Make time to slow down and give casual encounters a chance to grow.

Hang out in public areas.

Ask if you can join people for lunch. Invite people to go for a snack or to the library with you. What've you got to lose?

Go early or linger after your favorite classes to discuss the topics with others.

Working side by side with other people is the easiest way to make friends. Join or organize study groups, work groups, clubs, teams, projects you enjoy.

Do what you love best, and you may find your best friends who are doing the same.