Tuesday, September 23, 2008

how do i tell my roommate to maybe hook up with him when I'm not in the room. three nights of listening to heavy breathing is enough and I'm about to unleash a serious can of whoopass if I don't get some sleep soon.

02:42:00 AM


SwalesT'shooth said...

Creep up beside them next time they're doing it and be all "hey, how's it going?" Ooh, or offer them sex pointers! They'll realize how creepy and shitty they're being if you be creepy and shitty right back.

Anonymous said...

What? Being sexiled is fun!

Anonymous said...

Stand up for your rights and tell your roommate to find other arrangements.

Anonymous said...

yea. I did what anon2 did and my life is great. its your freaking room and you shouldn't have to deal with that.

Anonymous said...

Say no to this and say no to being sexiled. Aren't you paying for your half of the room? Don't you have rights? Tell them to take it to a cheap motel, not impose on you. Nobody can make a doormat out of you if you don't let them.

College is a great place to learn how really crude, selfish, amoral, immoral, etc. some people can be. Also a great opportunity to learn not to let them take advantage of you.

Also, if this is how much your roommate respects you, don't leave any valuables hanging around in plain sight.

Anonymous said...

^Standing up for your rights is great, and the OP definitely should make it clear that sex while s/he is in the room is NOT okay. However, sexile is an expected part of college dorm life. It can create problems, but when handled correctly, it solves more problems than it creates.

It's bad to be a pushover and get kicked out of your room all the time because of your roommate's nookie, but it's also bad to demand that your roommate (who is also paying for half the room) scour the town for some acceptable hookup spot away from their own comfy bed. Trust me, in a lot of towns, it's hard to find a cheap hotel that accepts unrelated teenagers of opposite sexes for the night. If you have a dorm room, it is your right to have sex in that room. It's just not your right to have sex when your roommate is there.

Talk about it frankly with your roommate. Explain that you do not enjoy being party to their animal-noise time, but that you respect that they have the right to sex in their own bedroom while you are away. Give your roommate a detailed weekly schedule of your classes and activites, so that he or she has a good idea of the times that you will be out of the room. Make an agreement that if you work out-of-dorm time into your schedule, your roommate will take advantage of that time and refrain from imposing his or her sextivites on your in-dorm time. Hopefully, this will work out swimmingly and everyone will be happy.