Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So I really, really, REALLY like this boy who lives in my dorm. Sometimes I think he likes me and sometimes I feel like I know he doesn't. He'll spend days at a time hanging out with me and only me and he hugs me every time he sees me but after a few days we split up and don't call each other and I just asked him to hang out and he just said "No thanks"
Should I be freaking out y/n?

06:43:00 PM


Anonymous said...

he was probably kidding... unless you did/said something to offend him.

Anonymous said...

Or he was just busy then. No need to freak out over a relationship that doesn't technically exist yet. Enjoy being single, you'll have time to enjoy being hitched later.

Anonymous said...

Don't freak out. Get over him. Concentrate your energies on many other things. If he wants you, he'll let you know. Make him really beg you before you fall into his arms. Otherwise, get on with your life. He's not that into you, and so you don't need that.