Monday, September 01, 2008

hey guys what are some good gift ideas for a girlfriend?

03:25:00 PM


Anonymous said...

NOT JEWLERY! It seems like the easy way out, but trust me, unless you're a super-sleuth detective or you've been living with said girlfriend for at least 10 years, you do NOT know her jewlery style. You will get her something that while pretty, is not what she wears, and she will feel awkward and obligated to wear it around you, but will never wear it otherwise.

Take her out to dinner or get her a gift that means something to both of you. Like something that references a joke you have or some happy memory you made together.

Anonymous said...

multiple orgasms

Anonymous said...

^there's sort of a problem with the assumption that guys give girls orgasms. If the guy has to give it to her, is it really hers to begin with? You don't usually hear it said that a girl gives a guy an orgasm. He gets one with her. I know, I know, it's just semantics, but it's a lot better to think about it as both people helping one another achieve orgasm than as one person giving it to another.

thewordofrashi said...

What's this for? How long have you been dating?

FLOWERS is a good bet. But it's not enough on its own.

Tickets to the theater/concert
photo albums
things that compliment her hobbies

Those are good bets. These are not:

movie tickets
gift cards
clothing (if you size too big, she gets pissed, if you size to small, she's embarrassed and then gets pissed)

Jewelry is a hit or miss. You have to be good at picking out jewelry.

If you can assist her in having an orgasm, that would probably be icing on the cake.

Anonymous said...

Tell her you're gay.