Wednesday, August 06, 2008

okay so I have a question for all you guys out there:

I know that typically guys find girls with big boobs more attractive than girls with small boobs, but if they have nice bodies and pretty looking faces are small boobs a total turnoff/letdown to a guy?

11:44:00 AM


Anonymous said...

Everything must be taken in moderation. Big boobs look awful if they're not balanced well or if the girl wears badly-fitting clothing.

Small boobs by themselves are not a turn-off to guys. If you've got good balance and wear clothing that flatters your figure, you can look attractive regardless of specific attributes.

Anonymous said...

I honestly find small, perky breasts a lot more attractive than oversized melons.

Anonymous said...

I prefer smaller boobs, too. The general rule is "bigger than a handful is a waste, smaller than a mouthful is a shame."

But yeah, moderation is key, and small boobs are definitely not a turn-off on their own.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, having small boobs is not a big letdown to guys. On the other hand, having a small mouth.... that's disappointing.

Anonymous said...

If your shirt is off and the guy is actually looking at/sucking on your nipples, it's likely he's too far into the glorious rapture of Guy-Heaven to even notice your cup size.